“Agape: Note to Self”

D.C. Randall
D.C. Randall (lovekulture blog contributor)

 AGAPE= love

A love feast, love in all its abundance

Love that is capital

Like the city of a state

It is primary, it is first

It is perfect, it is lasting

It is for


 AGAPE me, SELF says

SELF says, Acknowledge me

Because in between loving God with all your being

And loving your neighbor

There is ME


My nature, my inclinations

My mannerisms, my intentions

My thoughts and ambitions


 Not just love on me,

But love IN me

All up inside of me

Love the details that make me

The cracks and crevices shape me

Celebrate me

Celebrate the creation of me and the CREATOR of me

Not boasting, but feasting

 Like feasting on wild grapes

And eating grandma’s fried chicken

Rubbing down in frankincense and myrrh

And sleeping like tomorrow will never come

Overflowing in joy that’s like milk and honey

Standing back in awe of you, and who you were made to be

Because after all, you were created in your FATHER’S image

 Created to love,

Created to BE love

Walking in the AGAPE

Talking in the AGAPE

Breathing in the AGAPE

Being the form, acting the function




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