Love from a Well that Won’t Run Dry

Sometimes—no most times, I think to myself, “you must be crazy…”  I wonder whether it is even possible to demonstrate God’s kind of love to people because let’s just be real….people cray!

And I’m a people.

The greatest command in biblical scriptures is not don’t cheat, don’t lie, don’t steal, but Love God with your everything and love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus is recorded saying that we should love one another as he loved us (John 13:34; 15:12) and these words humble me. I am compelled to take on the challenge.

But I personally have found it sometimes unbearable to bear with…or to love others. It occurred to me this week, that loving others sometimes feels unbearable because I am offering my love…and my love is wack. My love is shallow; it can be insincere. My love runs out! My love can be a bit–ok a lot egotistical. So when rejected it hurts ME, but loving others is not about me. It never was.

I discovered love in the quiet times I spent reading the bible and trying to understand this God I said I believed in. Then he caught me by surprise. I wanted to know his power and he showed me His heart and I fell apart. I was amazed at the capacity of God to forgive, to see beauty in the midst of ashes, and to speak life to the things that were dead in me (i.e. hopes, identity, my worth). My own heart was so overwhelmed by this kind of love that it flowed out of me easily. I couldn’t contain it.

There’s the difference.

Although loving is intentional, it is not pure without receiving it from the pure Source. We humans are a lot of work, and only God has the patience to deal with us, yet we are called to love like him, so that means we need to stay plugged into him so that we can offer what we receive. Put another way, it takes God to love like God.

I believe when we love from a place of overflow, the rejection won’t sting as much, the refusal to change won’t frustrate as badly, and the temptation to judge or be bitter will not be there because we remember it’s not about us.

The love that we have for one another is a testimony to the power and reality of the Supreme  yet merciful Deity. Love testifies of the fullness of God. And this is our high calling.

Love one another.


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