Love Doesn’t Let People Get Away with Spirit-Murder

This poem was inspired by watching two people deteriorate  when the victim of the slight/injustice isn’t holding the other person accountable. This isn’t to trample on Christ’s call to forgiveness or His command to love, but to be empowered by His Words to love ourselves enough to speak up and say that we matter. Love isn’t just letting others get away with the emotional/physical/mental infidelities that can erode your heart; it’s holding them accountable to the relationship.

Here goes…

Love doesn’t let people get away with spirit-murder,

with the stabbing through my heart and back,

when I’m smashed into pieces and shattered like glass.

When my feelings don’t matter, but your agenda does.

When “I’m sorry” is a means to repeat words & deeds that should be unrepeatable.

When Christ says I should be as wise as a serpent and as harmless as a dove.

Because although love is patient and kind and does not boast,

Scripture never said I’m supposed to be the parquet on your kitchen floor.

My Savior says I am to seek peace with all men,

And I seek peace with you, but if you don’t really want that,

Then there ain’t much I can do for you.

Because I want to hold you accountable.

Not with judgment and condemnation,

but with the truth of the matter.

Because… I want you to be better.

I want you to know His peace that passes all understanding,

that is perfect when you keep your eyes on Him.

That’s why this love can’t stay on its back

and watch you self-destruct.

This love will look you in the eye and say I love you, and

You hurt me.

It’ll say I love you, but

You’re wrong.

This love won’t let you get away with my spirit-murder

Because if need be,

This love will kick the dust from my feet and move on without you.

Trust, this is not about retaliation or plucking out one eye and then the other,

but about dislodging the plank that keeps you from seeing me.

My forgiveness is not permission to slide into my life on a banana peel and remix yesteryear


Because you know what?

I’m feeling myself.


Because the One who made me,

made me in His image and likeness,

and on the sixth day proclaimed He made a good thing.

I’m this good thing whose worth more than your footprints on my back.

Worth more than being embittered and caught up in the rapture of hurt feelings

and using my past to nurse my present and future.

And yours, too.

So I won’t let you get away with my spirit-murder.

Because I’m better than that.

And so are you.


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