New Piece: Kill Your Ego

Sometimes our egos are the real reason we have conflict. It’s not always about what was actually done, but how it made us feel.  Feelings are good because they tell us when there is a problem, but sometimes we need to apply truth to understand our feelings.  This takes humility because sometimes our feelings protect our sense of self.

Let’s be real. We all have done or do things that someone else may not forgive. Thankfully, some of us have experienced grace and we know the feeling of a friend, a partner, a parent choosing not to hold our issues against us. So none of us is perfect. None of us is without a flaw. All of us act out of a sense of pride.

How many relationships could be saved if we just humbled ourselves? How much bitterness could be avoided if we were not easily offended. Check out the piece. Tell me what you think.


2 comments on “New Piece: Kill Your Ego

  1. Love this Tayo! Being a sensitive person, I know sometimes it’s best to be humble and not take offense to a lot of things, and let it go so I can move forward. Hope you’re doing well.


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