Special Edition: Kill Your Ego Visual

Hey Lovekulture citizens!

A good friend of mine told me straight up…she wasn’t a fan of KYE. She said it was too dark.  I understand. Using the term “Kill” is dark in and of itself as it connotes death…and then to say that one should do it to themselves, it sounds quite abusive.

What are you telling us to do Tayo???

Well, quite honestly, I came up with the concept when I was engaging with a group of unkind women. I had to be forceful–with myself. I had to choose to open doors when I wanted to slam them. To say hello when I wanted to shun them. To smile in exchange for the cutting of their eyes. It hurt. It felt like a form of violence. . .But it was not necessarily against myself. It was really for myself. Against my pride and for my heart..I refused to let their darkness choke out the Light in me. By the end, the women were smiling back, sharing stories, and expressing their misperceptions of me.

This concept carried over to a difficult relationship I have with someone. I spent years defending myself against this person, but I learned after meditating on the concept of forcefully putting to death “my rights” , that my rights did not matter. That in order to save the relationship and love this person, I would have to both allow God to be my defense where necessary and accept that in ways I do not understand my actions contributed to someone else’s pain. It does not have to make sense to me, but it matters

This is the vision behind Kill Your Ego.

Check out the video and share it with your friends.



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