Special Edition: Lessons from MLK-Love suffers

Blog Contributor: Purchased

While in conversation with our graphic design intern, we stumbled into an uncomfortable revelation. She shared her reflection on MLK’s life and the sacrifice he made all for love, and it hit her that this man was killed because of his choice to take a stand for love. In other words, had he kept his opinions to himself. Had he simply shared his views among friends, it is possible that Martin King would be Marty from the block. But he took a risk, for people he didn’t know.  And for a principle and in the name of God, he died.

Love aint easy ya’ll. If it was easy the vision of Lovekulture would not exist. Love –God’s kind of love aint popular. If it were popular, we’d see much more healing than division today. If we truly pursued peace, practiced grace, expressed truth, forgave, and settled disputes among ourselves…well, counselors and lawyers would be out of jobs.

As we shared I was reminded of the scripture in Matthew 11, that says

the kingdom of heaven suffers violence AND the violent takes it forcefully.

I was also reminded of a quote by TimeKeller that

The one person who loved the MOST in this world, suffered the MOST

He is speaking of Jesus-who died violently. Loving our enemies hurts! Serving someone who is unintentionally (and sometimes intentionally) hurting you is excruciating, but mostly it’s our egos that suffer. Our right to be right. When we practice love, we are prone to experience violence. 

You ever experience that? When we try to be positive, someone comes out of nowhere with negativity. No matter how hard we try!

As we commemorate Dr. King who is a symbol of non-violence and love for all people, let his life and death be an example that practicing love makes us vulnerable to violence, and thus is a courageous act. We, at Lovekulture believe though, that we do not need to always do it alone. First, Jesus sympathizes with our pain and has been through it. Second, prayer helps us stay encouraged to do the courageous thing, and lastly, when we love each other we gain strength from one another to love again.

I’d say stay safe, but there is no safety in love, except the security in the One who called us to this crazy journey!


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