Love E’eryday All day

So it’s Valentine’s Day. A celebration of love. Specifically, eros kind of love. Some of us are giddy while looking into our partner’s eyes and thinking of the future we could have with them. Some of us tried that, and realized there was no future so decided to end it. (**hugs**). Meanwhile, others of  us are dreaming of one day having the person we can have a future with.

This is for all of us.

Eros love is great between romantic partners, but for a long lasting committal relationship other kinds of love need to be developed. Eros can be easy because it’s an interaction of attraction and internal desires, and if we are honest eros last for only so long. It comes and it goes, and if we are lucky, it may come back around every so often.Ravi

But that committal love takes work. That brotherly love is everyday. That agape (unconditional) love takes tension and decision making.

At the beginning of the month we challenged ourselves to practice good love. To be clear, this is different from good luv. Good love, per our definition, is an unselfish love–one that considers the other and takes us out of our comfort zones to show the person we love, that they matter. This may include choosing to attend an event with them because you know they enjoy spending time with you, or giving them something they like or need because they like receiving things, or telling them how important they are to you through a text message, email, Facebook message, card or good ‘ol face to face.

We can be surprised how deep that reaches an individual, to let them know you see them and you love them. That’s all most of us want really.

Roses, chocolates, and bling are sweet, but let us not be fooled, it is the way we treat each other, the way we love one another that last forever.

Happy Good Loving Month!

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Lovekulture Team.

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