Do Good, Feel Good

For almost two years, it’s been impressed upon me that we were created for good works, to do good. Why this seems such a fascinating idea, I don’t know, but it’s blowing my mind. None of us are here to merely inhale oxygen. We were not made for taking. As natural as it is to exhale, we were made to give.

I recently read that the translation of the term goodness does not just mean do pleasant acts, but has implications for our interactions with others. According to Rick Renner “this word was used to portray a person who is generous, big-hearted, liberal,and charitable with finances. We would call this person a giver.”

Doing good doesn’t mean dishing out checks to people. It’s about the posture of our heart. Our charitable attitude. Giving financially is also not the only way to give. Giving time, a listening ear, choosing to give compassion, sharing wisdom or counsel, giving things you don’t use or you used to use for someone in need…all of these are examples of good works.

Our lives do not belong completely to us. If all anyone ever did was inhale, there would be no air to share…except of course what the trees give. 🙂 But nature gives! What more should we human beings do. Moreover, science shows that the more we give the better we feel. I heard on NPR just the other day that doing good releases the same chemical that is released when receiving a hug.

What does this have to do with love? Good works don’t always begin with good feelings, although those might come after. Loving one another can be as simple as doing good to someone, yes, even if they are not doing good to you. Insane….I know. #thatsradical



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