Love: A Witness

Recently, I’ve been thinking about love and its perspective. We usually consider the choice to love and the emotion that goes along with it, but we don’t usually think of it from a bird’s eye view. True love is active and all encompassing, but love thinks, too. It considers, it evaluates, it bares witness to who we are and what we need. It meets us where we are and testifies of who we are to the rest of the world.

Love isn’t just about what we do, but also in how we witness each other’s presence, nuances, complexities, faults, triumphs, and questions.  I know this first hand. I literally just got off the phone with a friend and needed to discuss some pretty heavy stuff. And all the while she listened to me. She didn’t try to offer advice, but she just listened to me. She witnessed my utter loss at my situation and bore it with me. I didn’t need her to fix it; I just needed her to be there. I needed to know that I wasn’t delusional and that someone else got it. Sometimes, that’s what love is: just being present.

Love stands up for you when you can’t. Love speaks for you when you’ve lost your voice. Love acts as a compass when you’ve lost your way. Love is aware. Love testifies. And while we usually think of testimony and witnessing in terms of sharing the Gospel, it’s also about keeping our eyes open to those around us. Our neighbors, friends, families, or even random people on the street we’ll probably never see again. It takes into considering that person on the phone with a question, the friend you haven’t talked to in a while, that child you smiled at who had  tummy ache. Love sees the person at the end of the gun barrel, the insult on social media, the tabloid gossip, and the preconceived notion. Love says that you matter, creates a hashtag to lift you up, puts down the haters, and has an open mind. Love requires sight and engagement. Love needs to see and be seen. And while it can be fiery and battles to the death, it challenges the status quo of keeping things under the rug.

Love is the truth. Love speaks volumes. Love is a testimony.

Let’s give it space to speak and be seen.



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